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Modular Sukkah

How To Order A Modular Sukkah in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Determine what size sukkah best suits your needs and available space and choose that size from the options below. If we do not carry your size as a standard option, custom sizing is available. Just give us a call or email us to learn more. Any questions or assistance needed in making a determination? Call or email us and an expert will guide you through the entire selection and order process.

Step 2: Select which mat option you prefer. We offer three different types of schach mats. Our most popular option is the Star-K mat, which are tied together using monofilament string. Mehadrin mats are tied together using natural string. And the kaynus (badatz) mats are made with natural reeds. If you have your own schach, choose none.

Step 3: Your sukkah order comes standard with one door. If you want your door to slide open from left to right, choose Left Door. Alternatively, if you want your door to slide open from right to left, choose Right Door. At this stage you may add additional doors as needed, just choose which type of sliding door and how many you would like to add on to your sukkah. If you require a special type of door, please give us a call or send us an email.

Step 4: Choose how many window panels you would like to be included in your sukkah from the drop down list. We offer sliding windows and clear lucite windows. If you are interested in a custom size window or layout, give us a call or send and email and we can discuss all the available custom window options.

Step 5: We carry a wide variety of color options to meet any design preferences you may have. Please take a look at your color options here, on the custom page, or in the virtual showroom. Once you have determined which one of our many colors best suits your needs, select the color button.

Step 6: Press Add To Cart and checkout

Step 7: Once your order has been processed, we will begin production of your beautiful sukkah and give you a call to arrange delivery. Please expect a call from our delivery department.

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